Wpja Photography Contest 2nd Place Award Winner Best Wedding Photography

WPJA Photography Contest 2nd Place Award Winner Best Wedding Photography

Being part of wedding association is very engaging. Every 2 months you have the chance to submit your photos and compete for the best wedding photography. It was an honor for me to have been awarded the second prize for the “great natural light” category.

This is what the judge said about the picture:

“Beautiful composition of the hands and the shadow on the bride’s dress. I love an image with as much depth as this one. It’s a mysterious and intriguing image. We can readily recognize a bride, her bouquet and veil as she departs from or enters into her ceremonial vows. The image stretches in a compositional frame to frame exposure that practically demands us to look further. Of course, the primary element of the photo waits for us at the end of strong leading lines – a man’s extended hand at bottom right and a woman’s hand at mid-left. And there it is, the shadow of a man’s profile across her gown. We can only believe it is the visage of the groom.”

Here’s the winning photo



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