Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote

This wild elopement photography in Lanzarote was really a perfect balance with fun love and adventure. So we flight together as one of them is from Spain and he wants to get married there. The weather was amazing and we start with a perfect sunset from the plane.

Then I come to their home, it was with with a green touch, i though that it is perfect to take photos. All the getting ready was so spontaneous and easy going, and quick, as man takes more or less 5 minutes to get ready!!

We drive around the wild Lanzarote island and we reach the papagayo beach  a wonderful empty place with a beautiful beach and rocks.

They eloped there on a breathtaking hill with their friends. At the end we come back and we have a dinner together. It’s really nice when your clients became mostly your friend as you share with them a deep feelings and emotions.

Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote
the flight and the window inside the home in Lanzarote
the home in Lanzarote, elopement wedding photography
a friend is preparing the table for the dinner in Lanzarote for the elopement
a details of the house
the couple are getting ready for the elopement in lanzarote
Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote
a friend is helping a groom with the dress
the other groom is getting ready
smiling face while they are getting ready
getting ready in the home in Lanzarote
a groom smiling
people of Lanzarote
details of the table
getting ready
Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote
the groom are almost ready to elope in Lanzarote
drinking wine before to go
toast before to elope in Lanzarote
a toast all together
the groom are kissing
details of dress
selfie before ceremony
a details of the lanzarote island
driving to the papagayo beach to elope
seagull in Lanzarote
vulcany mountains in Lanzarote
a photo for the back
a beach in lanzarote
walking to the place at papagayo beach
grooms are walking hand to hand
ready for elope at papagayo beach
wedding ceremony starts
details of ring
vows exchange during ceremony
Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote
details of rings
they are married now in Lanzarote
grooms are drinking wine
a kiss in lanzarote
groom are hugging
Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote sitting on the mountain
climbing the mountain
Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote
Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote
Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote
the street of Lanzarote
the view of the home in Lanzarote
a details of the island
Wild Elopement Photography Lanzarote
making dinner in the home
a cat is looking inside


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