Wedding Photographer in Rome

The Eternal City is a unique mix of history and modernity and offers an incredible amount of inspiration for a wedding photographer in Rome.

Wandering through Rome’s fascinating streets is truly amazing. Walking along the Roman Forum passing by the Coliseum and then Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and many more highlights of the city is a picturesque trip between the centuries, you will find ancient ruins dating back over 2000 years, together with Renaissance churches and modern architecture.

Getting married in Rome is a dream for many, for the beauty of the city and the splendid villas for weddings that are, undoubtedly, among the most suggestive in Italy. The villas for weddings in Rome, in fact, are authentic architectural jewels, with secular parks surrounded by nature, majestic buildings that exude history, art and classicism. From antique palazzos to luxury villas nestled in verdant parkland, the city offers a range of magical venues to host that special day.

Villa Aurelia

Villa Aurelia, a splendid villa built around 1650, and restored in 2002, which stands on the Janiculum, one of the Roman Hills. The beauty of the Villa gardens, the breathtaking view of Rome, and the variety of spaces available make Villa Aurelia a perfect backdrop for a roman wedding. A wedding in this splendid location that will turn into an unforgettable event.

Villa dei Quintili

The Villa Quintili, located in the beautiful Appia Antica area in Rome, owes the Spanish details of its architecture to the kinship of its owners with the Spanish royal family.  The large halls of the villa, enriched by the designer Marco Gobbi in the seventies, with busts of Roman emperors and neoclassical furniture, offer an environment in perfect harmony with the landscape that surrounds the structure. At the Villa, you will have the opportunity to organize your wedding celebrations both inside the building and in the suggestive park, characterized by a large lawn and lush vegetation.

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Villa Gregoriana

This place is amazing, is a huge park close to Rome (Tivoli) and it could be a great option if you want something outside the city. Is a FAI propriety and two years ago I was so lucky to take photos inside a cave (as it was raining) the result that comes out was magical. You can see the photos here

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