Top tips for your unforgettable Honeymoon

by Roberta Perrone
May 11, 2020
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After your wedding, comes a very essential part, the honeymoon! Most of the couples think about their honeymoon even before their wedding, where they would like to go, how to capture their romantic moments with their spouse, how to build the foundation in their new relationship! They are right at some point, it is their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which might never happen again like your wedding anniversary! Giving serious thoughts about photography plans is fundamental. You can also take photos with your iPhones but never look at them anymore because you are not satisfied or probably delete them! You might not have the precise sight of a professional and skilled photographer.

All kinds of worries are intelligible. But to ease up your mind, a simple solution is recommended,  just choose a local photographer for a few hours during your stay and relax!

Some couples think of hiring a photographer to accompany them during their honeymoon in bizarre locations. But why?!

Instead of paying for all kinds of expenses and hiring a photographer all the way from your hometown, a wise tip is to hire a local photographer who offers the services as per the destinations, knows all the ins and outs of the your chosen place and can capture perfectly the magical moments of your romantic honeymoon. Don’t let these moments pass by without saving them effectively by a professional photographer’s camera.

  • Here are some points to think about but not to worry;

1.Think about your dream honeymoon venue

Have a chat with your spouse about the places you would like to spend your dream post-wedding getaway, meet each other halfway and choose a place you both like the most for your memorable honeymoon.

2.Define your honeymoon vibe and style

Decide what kind of honeymoon shooting style suits your mood and vibe. Are you a bohemian kind of couple? Or you prefer taking photos on the beach or you would like to crawl through historical places? Discuss about it with your photographer, sure he/she can give you surprising ideas.

3.Hire a local photographer

Choosing a local photographer is highly recommended. A professional who knows everything about the city you have chosen, from A to Z and takes you to extraordinary places. Who is perfect at capturing your beautiful moments

4.pack your things

For this memorable shooting, you might need a few outfits in order to have variety of looks in your photos. Try to choose the outfits in which you feel comfortable. Keep the season in mind.Choose the appropriate clothes.

5.Plan your itinerary and go

Before you head for your honeymoon, sit down and have a chat with you spouse and define your honeymoon travel style and decide your budget for the trip, and plan your itinerary well. Don’t forget to confirm your shooting date with your photographer at least one month earlier.

  • Best Timing for Shooting

Remember that the best timings for shooting your romantic honeymoon are dawn and dusk.

The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are optimal for taking amazing photos.

(In a few words I explain to you why these times of the day are better for your shoot)

At these hours, the sun’s rays are coming from a more horizontal angle, which makes the light more diffused. The midday hours, when the sun is high in the sky, the angle of the rays is too direct, gives way to some challenging photo conditions and harsh shadows. Times after sunrise and before sunset don’t involve any direct rays at all, which means there are no harsh and unwanted shadows that you might see during the day time and you will not squint in your  photographs. Instead, use the day time to explore museums or anything indoors. Let your photographer take you to stunning places in the city where gives you the possibility to have different photos. In this case you will have both open-air shoot and indoor.

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