Southern Italy

Everyone deserves to see the wedding of their dreams become a reality. Italy has been known for its history, beauty, and culture and is a famous spot for lavish destination weddings. Southern Italy is a less explored area of Italy, making it quieter and more raw in its beauty. It offers grace and simplicity. Even when it comes to tourism, Southern Italy offers magnificent sights and dramatic views. Moreover, the history of southern Italy is captivating and rich.

These are some great Southern Italy Wedding Destinations:


Apulia is called the heel of Italy, as it is surrounded by the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The coastline is a spot popularly visited by couples. The Ostuni village and Castello Monaci in Apulia are famous destination venues of Southern Italy. With its sandy beaches, blue skies and romantic atmosphere, Apulia is the perfect destination for any wedding theme.

Ravello, Campania

Almost 1150 feet above sea level, Ravello is a town and comune situated over a hill. It looks over Italy’s Amalfi coast and is a great example of scenic beauty. It only takes a little imagination to figure out exactly how beautiful the results of the wedding photoshoot in Ravello would be.

Looking for a photographer for your Southern Italy wedding?

We are one of the top wedding photographers in Southern Italy and pride ourselves on our attention to detail. From the twinkle in your eye when you watch the love of your life walk down the aisle to the happiness on your mother’s face when she looks at you for the first time, we look for those small unspoken gestures of unconditional love and store them for you.

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