Same-Sex Engagements

Love is not a straight line, and neither is togetherness. We believe that love is beautiful in all its forms and that everyone deserves the celebration of their dreams. Whether it is the overwhelming love between the couple, captured through holding hands, stolen glances and smiles or the excitement of defying norms and being themselves, we cherish the moments of happiness and frame them with elegance.

Proposing the love of your life and hearing the ‘yes’ is pleasing to the ears of a lover. It is a moment of absolute bliss that needs to be framed. The laughters, the jitters, and the warmth of the moment, and overall, the love.

If you’re planning to leave everything behind and go to a nice destination in Italy or to a special location in your city for a cozy shoot, we are prepared with the best color combinations, props, and location suggestions.


There are a few great locations in Italy that are known to be favorite engagement spots for same-sex couples, including Gallipoli in Puglia, Venice, Positano, and Florence, Tuscany. Districts near the lakes Maggiore, Lugano, Como, Iseo, and Garda, also make for excellent romantic gateway spots for a same-sex engagement.


Whether you want a pro-same-sex love themed engagement shoot or a personalized celebration party, the photographs we click will reveal the story that you want to narrate.


You can use Props to incorporate those little things that mean something to the two of you or props that mean nothing but look lovely, our professional photographers can arrange the photoshoot props for you.

If you’re looking for a same-sex engagement photographer in Central, Northern, or Southern Italy, you can reach out to us we will love to assist!

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