Portrait Photography

Portrait photography has gained immense popularity over the past years. People around the world are increasingly looking to capture unique portraits either for themselves, for their loved ones and even for their pets. But what does portrait photography really entail? Does it involve capturing someone in a frame only for a specific purpose or can it be for anything?

What does portrait photography mean?

Portrait photography in easy words can be understood as capturing an individual or a group of people inside a frame such that the subject is highlighted. It has more to do with nailing the personality and identity of the subject in a photograph than with only getting the snapshot of the subject’s face.

Now since the portrait photography attempts to freeze a person’s essence in a frame therefore it is quite a big task and requires a lot of planning and plotting in terms of how the background should look, what should the person be wearing, how should the light be adjusted to capture the right attitude, etc.

What are the characteristics of portrait photography?

The characteristics include-
● Portrait photography is more about the face. It is about freezing the person’s facial expressions in a lens such that the person gazing at it can get an idea of the subject’s personality, attitude, and identity. For this, the photographer can either choose to include some props in the background like a guitar while capturing someone who is artistic or can decide to blur the background, it is more of less his choice.
● A portrait is carefully planned and often rehearsed with the client. It includes detailed planning over the angle, the lighting, the colors, and the attire of the subject. And this is why a candid photograph is not considered a portrait.

So this is what portrait photography entails. Now after reading all this if you also wish to feature in a portrait photograph or would love to capture someone you love dearly in a portrait picture, then we are at your service. Just go to our website and look for our contact details. We have some amazing and experienced photographers who will be happy to assist you!

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