Outdoor Rustic Wedding

With the changing times, a lot has changed about weddings too! They are no more those grand events where you invite thousands of people for a black-tie event that goes on for hours. Instead, weddings are nowadays preferred to be organized as an intimate event where you only invite people whom you dearly love. It is all arranged to unfurl casual, cool and relaxed feels.

And this is what outdoor rustic weddings also do. So if you want to learn more about them, then let’s look into them in a little more detail.

What classifies as an outdoor rustic wedding?

The outdoor rustic wedding theme has been around for, well ages, but it is in the recent past years that people became more conscious about the effect they are having on the environment, that this theme gained more popularity.

So, the outdoor rustic wedding has a strong country, garden or farm like influence. There is a heavy influence of nature in the sense that the decorations usually include a lot of natural elements like wooden details, wildflowers, fruits, burlaps, etc.

These weddings tend to throw a relaxed and casual vibe and the whole affair is casual and comfortable. Such weddings take place in an outdoor open space and venues like barns, mountain lodges, farms, and ranches are often the couple’s primary choice.

The event uses earthy, simple and quiet unique things like mismatched vases, mason jars, plate ware, and glasses. So, if you have an artistic diva inside you then this might be your day to make good use of your creativity.

Outdoor rustic wedding photography

Now, no matter the venue, theme or the number of guests invited to your wedding but one thing that still cannot be missed is photography. After all, it is your big day, and hence it demands to be captured.

So, if you have booked your venue in Italy and have decided the day to tie the knot, then just call us with your details and leave the rest to us, we promise to freeze your special day for an eternity! Our photographers have captured several events like these and have experience of working with a string of happy clients, so just make a call and stop worrying about capturing good photographs.

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