Northern Italy

Weddings are not an everyday event and the wedding day is forever cherished by the bride and the groom. Wedding photographs are affectionately shown to family and friends, and scrolling through those memories always leaves a fuzzy feeling in the heart.

Your wedding destination plays a significant impact on the vibe of the wedding and the mood in the room. A wedding ceremony in the outdoors might be more chill and relaxing, while an indoors wedding has the potential to change from upbeat to classy with the change in interiors. With its valleys, mountains and alps, the Northern Italy backdrop can add grandeur to your wedding ceremony. However, to capture the beauty and elegance of the Northern Italy venue, you need professional photographers that are familiar with the region.


Whether you’ve chosen Portofino or Venice in Northern Italy as your wedding destination, or someplace near Lake Orta, we can help you capture the true essence of the wedding.


We can conduct a wedding photoshoot at any time during the day. Whether you want some pictures during sunset or after all the ceremonies are done with, we are always ready with the equipment and the men.

Unexpected weather

Our team of professionals is familiar with the Northern Italy region and can adapt to weather changes in the area. If we expect climate change then we make provisions to ensure that wedding photographs come out great. Whether we need to add umbrellas to the photographs or prepone the shoot, we are ready with the solutions.

Looking for a wedding photographer in Northern Italy? Our team of professional photographers are skilled, trained and talented and have the knowledge of the best angles to capture the beauty of Northern Italy.

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