Jewish Wedding Photography

Jewish weddings are quite an amazing and beautiful affair. The set of rituals and ceremonies that a Jewish wedding entails is special and sacred in the sense that they are deeply rooted in their religious history. These weddings are full of different nuances and unique elements that are deeply heart-warming. And this is exactly why these weddings require someone to hold the camera who knows and understands the importance of these moments and the emotions that surrounds them.

Jewish Wedding Rituals:

● Ketubah Signing (Marriage Contract)

This signing is considered a big and significant moment in a Jewish wedding. It is considered an honor to be present for this event. So, this basically means that the closest people for the couple are present at this function (which also means that’s a perfect time for clicking some amazing pictures!)

● Covering of the bride

Just before the ceremony, an important custom is the covering of the face of the bride with a veil whilst prayer are being said to her.

● The bride walks around the groom

Once arrived at the Chuppah (literally a canopy under which a Jewish couple stand during their wedding ceremony) the bride traditionally walks around the groom for 3 or 7 times. Seven is a symbolic number as derives from the Biblical concept that seven denotes perfection or completeness.

● Seven Blessings

Finally, the rabbi reads, on a second glass, the seven blessings that will protect the marriage.

● Breaking the Glass

The newlyweds drink from the glass that is then broken by the groom on the floor. This gesture recalls that no ceremony can be considered completely happy after the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and the estrangement from the Holy Land of the Jewish people.

● Wedding reception

The receptions usually make for some amazing memories. Inside jokes are cracked, people close to you come on the stage to share narratives that were never told before, some really good dance performances also take place, and this makes snapping pictures a necessity!

Now, apart from these functions we also make sure to make ourselves available for any other Jewish wedding function that you are about to host. So, just call us and share the details, we will oblige you happily!

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