Ready to take your engagement photos in Rome?

by Roberta Perrone
May 11, 2020
a couple is walking hanging the hands in rome

Capture the ideal shots with the guide below.

by Roberta Perrone

Engagement in Ancient Rome

If you have decided to get engaged in the Eternal city, you have chosen one of the best cities in the world and it shows that you love history, art, architecture and romance.

Although Rome is a big city with lots of chaos and confusion, it has got loads to offer. A wise thing you can do is to let a professional photographer lead you, someone who knows everything about this amazing city, its stunning historical places, its ins and outs and from  A to Z.

But before you get packed, here are some useful tips for your engagement session.

One of the questions my couples often ask is, “what should we wear for our engagement shoot?” Which is an important question! I feel like your attire has a big impact on the way your photos turn out. Here are some of my suggestions regarding what to wear for your engagement shoot!

What to wear on your engagement day

1.Wear outfits in which you feel the most comfortable

“The bride should feel comfortable in the outfit she chooses. She should still look like herself, but at her best. Wardrobe choices that are extremely outside a bride’s level of comfort will make her look and feel awkward in photos, which isn’t pretty for anyone.” says Jessica D’Onofrio of Jessica D’Onofrio Photography in Los Angeles.

So whether you are a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl, or a dressy one, just be you and wear an outfit you feel comfortable and confident.You want to be beaming in your photos and do not want to look worried about your outfit.

2.Choose at least 2 different outfits

Dressy or casual? Classic or Trendy? If you can’t pick one, then do at least one outfit change to achieve the looks you like. Although I do not recommend trendy outfits but it is up to you. I always recommend looks that will remain timeless, rather than outfits that could make your images feel dated a few years down the road. Try to coordinate well together in both styles and do not be too matchy. Remember that have your photos for a long time and may even use them for your wedding invites or save the dates. So the necessary attention must be paid to what you choose to wear.

3.Keep the weather in mind.

Even-though you you would like to look fabulous in your photos but if it’s cold and you’re freezing, your photos will not be natural. Even if there’s a breeze in the air, the nerves and adrenaline you may experience might cause you to feel a bit flushed.So choose the clothes that are appropriate for the season. If the temperature is dropping, warmer, more earthy tones give off a good vibe. Take advantage of the season you’re in and create an on-theme outfit.

4.Choose cool, pastel and neutral tones.

Remember that the backdrop colors of the eternal city are a mixture of earthy colors, you can see different tones of burnt sienna,  yellow ochre and etc. So you can choose brightly colored clothing, cool hues and also muted colors are so matchable with your photo background in Rome. Neutrals allow the images to truly focus on the couple and the tones are always captured perfectly in the photos. So in case of any doubt, just choose nude, champagne or cool colors and be sure that it will match with all types of skin colors.

5.Include at least one accessory.

Regardless of what you are wearing, choosing different accessories allows you to have a variety of looks with the same outfits.  “Adding in at least one accessory per outfit for the ladies and wearing layers of clothing for the guys are two things that photograph well because it adds more visual interest to their looks and, as a result, to the images we create together,” explains Kelsy McCartney of  the McCartneys in Wausau, Wisconsin. If accessories aren’t your thing, you can forget it. However, if you do love a little sparkle, make sure to include it! Fun jewelry, hats and scarves make great additions to your photos.

6.Coordinate and compliment – but avoid matching.

Your engagement session is when you can show off your daily style, how you dress up and the time for you to be yourself and play off of one another. You don’t always need to find elements of matching pop colors – but complimenting one another in the same tone range is critical so try to avoid it. Overly contrived looks might feel awkward and clunky in photos—and you want to look effortless, not like you’re trying too hard to match and look the same.

7.Choose comfortable shoes

If it is your first time in Rome, I have to tell you that most of the streets in the center of the Eternal city are cobblestoned and they are meant to be walked, so if you are not used to walk with high heels, I suggest you to wear a lower heel or bring it with you and change it whenever you feel like it. Even-though high heels are so perfect in the photos but might hurt your feet during the shooting.Keep in mind that it is a good idea to show off your dashing shoes for a 100% look at what you have chosen to wear.

a couple is walking hanging the hands in rome

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