Intimate destination elopement in Venice, Romantic elopement in Venice

Are you planning an intimate destination elopement in Venice?

Are you dreaming of a romantic elopement in Venice?

Sara & Henry decide to elope in the most romantic place in the world: Venice.

This young couple chose Venice as their intimate destination elopement in Venice, and it was a dream for me to be a part of it.

Venice is a unique city: on the water, with the water all around you. There are no cars, so you can be one with the sea. The water that flows there is the water of the Adriatic Sea.

This couple was amazing, young and crazy in love, and everything was perfect for this elopement.

They got ready in a beatiful place: The Derelitti complex, known as Ospedaletto. 

This place “was built on the area originally occupied by a hastily built shelter that offered assistance to those suffering the consequences of the deadly famine”.

The deadly famine struck the Veneto countryside in the winter of 1527–1528. After that, the area was perfect for my style and my photography.

he light that comes through the windows and lights up the scenes are exactly the kind that I want.

Then they exchanged their vows at Church of Santa Maria dei Derelitti    with a religious and intimate ceremony. It was a moving setting and a touching moment.

Then they celebrated with had a  boat tour with the glorious team of CLASSIC BOAT VENICE. The perception of Venice from the water is quite different from the ground.

Therefore is having two city in one.

In addiction to the boat the couple ended the day with a quintessential Venice experience: a beautiful gondola ride at sunset.

The gondolier shared his vast knowledge of Venice that only a local could know.

In coclusion: if you want to plan a beautiful and elegant elopement in the most romantic city in the world, Venice is the right place for you. 

Likewise, I’m the perfect elopement photographer in Venice to capture your memories and tell your story with my eye and my creativity.

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a view of venice in the morning with fogthe reflection of the building on the watera cartel indicate where the railway is ita fresco close to two venetian masksthe bride is sitting with the make up artistthe bride face reflected in the mirrorwedding dress hang to the windowthe front of the building with two statues at the entrancedetails of stationary, rings, invitationsstationary and ringsstationary rings and jewelrythe bride is sitting on the chair and the groom is looking to the leftthe groom a arranging the bow tie at the mirrorthe bride reflected in the mirrorthe bride is getting dressed by the bridesmaid bride is facing the sun with the dressthe bride is ready looking at the windowthe bridesmaid are putting the veil to the bride

Planner: Caterina Lostia

Video: Daniele Giacometti

Dress: La nuova Sartoria

Bride Shoes: Bella Belle 

Jewelry: Romano Diamonds

Boat: Classic Boat Venice

Flowers: Pretty Flowers 

Venue: Hidden Jewels of Venice

Church Decor: Addobbi per matrimoni

Stationary: Manifattura Calligrafica

Wedding Favour: Acqua di Parma

Make up Artist: Elisa Cuccu

Catering: Fly Srl

Musician: Gualtiero Marangoni 

Furniture rental: OltreilGiardino Srl 

Wines: Bottega Spa 

Hair dresser: Barbara Guasto 


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