5 Luxury Wedding Themes

by Roberta Perrone
May 11, 2020
a bride is getting out of a boat

If you are a bride to be, for sure you have been thinking about a luxurious, centerpiece kind of wedding! You might be looking at photos on Instagram or Pinterest that newly-weds have posted, and you think oh, I want my wedding to be like this! You might have thought about different themes and decorations and you might have been confused which one you should choose! You are the stars of the night, think about the most memorable weddings that you deserve, which will touch the hearts of those in attendance and make even the most distant relative and that friend of a friend of a friend remember your amazing ceremony for the rest of their lives.

Your dream wedding does not have to be small and exclusive to be intimate and personal. You should pay attention to each detail and thinking outside the box can turn a typical wedding into a unique magnificent experience that leaves an impression.

But how do you decide which unique details to include, and how do you even come up them in the first place? Here is a list of top 5 luxury wedding themes that probably will help you out and wow your guests at your once-in-a-lifetime special party!

1.Floral Decoration

One of the opulent themes for wedding which never gets old is floral decoration, whether indoor or outdoor. This décor can be a mixture of unique floral designs with the variety of colors you desire; pink, peach, purple and yellow color tones. Romantic arches can be adorned with branches and fresh flowers such as white rose with greenery that will set perfectly for your ceremony.

  1. Black, White and Gold Wedding

This theme is bold, elegant and surprisingly delightful, it can befit a summer country wedding just as perfectly as a contemporary city celebration. The black and white/Gold wedding theme is easily incorporated in to the dress code. Black bridesmaid dresses are the ultimate in elegance. Long black gowns with white accessories for bridesmaid suit a more formal or evening wedding.

Of course instead of White or Gold you can choose your favorite color to match this theme; yellow, pink or others hues.

3.All White Theme

All white wedding decoration is relaxing and romantic. White is often used as a wedding accent color. No matter if your style is traditional, classic, glamorous, modern, or something in between, white wedding decor can help you create a space that is fashionable, elegant, romantic. Tables, flowers, cake and a lot of other decoration thing in white color will make your wedding like a fairytale.

  1. Local Culture

If you think about hosting a destination wedding, consider incorporating the local culture in every detail of your ceremony, from the furniture and decor to the menu and music, what represents the characteristics and traditions of the place you have chosen. Needless to say that the food is as important as guests so, ask your local caterer to select a menu that is typical yet creative. Try to match the hues of your decoration with the colors you see the most in your destination’s elements; buildings, flowers etc.

  1. Movie-Inspired Wedding

If you and your spouse are a movie lover and you have been thinking about a movie-theme ceremony or Hollywood theme, you will have an original and stylish one! You can choose one of the movies you both like the most and ask for your wedding ceremony decoration to be about it. To really enhance the cinema loving vibe, choose a wall that is possibly white and flat, project a silent film onto a feature wall at your reception dinner, this idea will keep your guest amused and entertained!

a bride is getting out of a boat

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